Friday, May 16, 2008

Assorted quotes/jokes

I have no clue why I wrote the following...But, coz it's been written, it's being deposited here as yet another post...this is just a compilation of some assorted thoughts that ran through my mind...

If only I ruin my own life,
I will get a chance to know what it takes to strive for betterment

There's no light at the end of the tunnel..
There's light inside it only that it's invisible

Come in...the door is open....
there's none inside though.....

I cut my hand with a blunt knife

My legs are aching...I badly need a jog...

Thnk got it was an apple..had it been a coconut, I would not know why I don't fly...

Cooking is a pain not just coz u need to clean up the mess, but also have to eat up the same !!

I rolled over the lawn, climbed through the pipes and jumped over the balcony to sneak in through the back door into the bedroom to find someone missing on the's not wat u think..........tat s me...i locked myself outta the house

Man to grl:
Just as I realised I love you, I also realised I love a lotta other grls..

The sexiest things are not wat you see but what you don't....gross ??? again...u r bound to get a whole new definition..

A: Dude, I told ya I don't like to play indoor games....
B: Lets take the chess board to the lawn

Child :I flunked the Math test making a 10/10...
Dad: How's that ??
Child:I left the other 90 questions unattended...

I am training hard to watch the marathon.

I ran the whole distance to find out I was running in the wrong direction..

2 friends meet after a long time:
A:My doctor says I suffer from schizophrenia
B: Oh you are married...when did that happen ?

A:The water in the beach is freezing cold...
B:Take a dip before it freezes..

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Changing days !!

The transition is discernible. The rapport has diminished. Eloquences have turned trivial and suddenly there is a sullen feeling of gloom that’s disconcerting.

The feeling is that of a son who suddenly discovers that his young little sibling is the first child and that he was fostered. Much to his exasperation he is suddenly unable to bear the distance that grows large by the day between his memories and realism, for things shall never be the same from there on.

Here he is at the crossroads of life, carrying the memories of a sidekick who grew in stature and importance at the speed of light only to fall flat to leave him crest fallen. Like the foster son, he has become a subject of dereliction and restricted to perfunctory greetings. It’s as much fathomable to him as it is to her. But, as much as he wishes to get back to what they were, the alter ego wants to hamper this.

From being a pillar of strength, he has been reduced to being a matter of despise. For how long he may have to masquerade his emotions is something time can tell. But for now, the good times are gone for the bad and he's left stranded with only memories to ruminate.

The parting has left an excruciating mark in his heart and an indelible impact on his mind. The days of turbulence are there to stay unless he sheds his ego and surrenders his superciliousness to the extent of seeking amnesty for gaffe. But, just as the mind prepares to strike harmony, his mind is spated with fears of not getting reciprocated..Is it prepared to face further insult to the maim that has already been caused ? For now, the agony stays as the mind strives for tranquility...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sachin "slumber"kar

Today's match could have easily provided an occasion when one Man could have won the Man of the match award irrespective of the result of the match- "SACHIN TENDULKAR"

If India won:

MOM for the 79 runs that he somehow managed to scrape.

If Aus won:

MOM was contributing as many dot balls as he did to AUS team.

Thankfully, better sense prevailed and Dhoni won it eventually.

Wake up Sachin. Hopes is bowling with so much of hope of getting a wicket while bowling to you..It's a shame to the reputation of a man who not so long ago was hailed as the next best thing after the DON !!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Senthazham Poovil- Non Karaoke

Raja Raja Chozhan

Please bear with an unsophisticated recording and a not so gr8 mike :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Poor Indian Voter

Well...Dont look for the traditional bashing of politicians and empathy for the Indian voter in this post.

The Indian voter under the scanner in this post is THAT Indian voter who brings delight to the affluent mobile and telecom co's by spending hundreds or even thousands for voting for any television poll..

Now, For long this has been an issue I've vehimently fulminated to a lot of my friends. But, the stats about Indian Idol has just pushed me into penning down my reservations against sms/online voting in the form of a post here.

An estimated 7 crore votes had been registered merely to decide the one winner among the two finalists. Now, taking into consideration the votes that would have got registered during the preliminary stages of the poll, I can safely place the number of votes to be somewhere close to be 30k crores. With each of those messages costing atleast 2 Rs, the poor Indian voter is much to his ignorance contributing 60 crores to the wealth of the telecos. What this shows is an apparent lack of prudence among the Indian public. Now, My agony is not in the fact that telecos and in turn the people who run those comps are minting money, but that the 60 crores could have easily been spent on a variety of welfare activities. Over here, I've only taken into account the amount People would have spent to make the Indian Idol a success.. Now, if we do take into consideration all those tv shows that require the poor Indian television viewer to vote, We can reach an astronomical figure that would probably be equal to the turnover of any of those major telecos..We are in effect generating as much wealth as it would be required to turn the fortunes of all the districts of Jharkhand on it's head.

For long, we kept blaming the politicians for any lack of growth,opportunity and failure in the machinery. But, isn't it a cardinal sin to be pointing our finger at someone without bothering to introspect?

While on one side of it is the huge financial drain that goes unnoticed in the form of voting, on the other hand is the credibility of the results of these very polls. Now, 99.9% of the people who vote are likely to be voters who do not specialize in any form of music. Well, to get judgemental over any particular issue, one needs to be expert at the same. It's quite similar to a layman on the streets talking to Cnn Ibn about how Dravid should captain a side or play a cover drive. I just cant avoid laughing when I see any of those comments from those blokes who reckon that they know a lot but in reality know nothing. The same thing is applicable to Indian Idol or a Super singer (telecast in Tamil channel "Star Vijay"). Why dont we allow the Udit Narayans and Unni krishnans do the job that they are so good at doing ? Why have judges in the first place if a brainless common man's vote is what is going to make all the difference ? It's hightime the junta thought it out and respond to this issue by refraining from messaging. This will slowly put an end to this problem by way of telecos slowly withdrawing their sponsorships from such events.

One of those most glaring incidents of such ridiculous polls in recent memory has actually been on the International stage when a website was created to help people cast votes for the selection of the next seven wonders. And with no surprises 'Great wall" AND "Taj Mahal" registered the maximum number of votes. Isn't it a foregone conclusion that these wonders from the two most populous countries of the world will win it hands down. Should a thing as significant and monumental as the "wonders of the world" be left for selection on the basis of gross prejudices show by the people from these very countries ? Would a common man know more than an Archaeologist, Geologist or a historian to decide upon the seven wonders. It's a shame that the world is still blind to this transparent problem of money being swindled by the rich and the powerful..

Wake up India...rather Wake up Indians